Our Milk

Our cows are a native British breed that naturally has a high butter fat content in their milk.  We pride ourselves on the fact we don't push our girls for excessively high volumes and in return they are happy healthy cows, who give us a high quality, thick creamy milk!

Our delicious whole milk is pasteurised on the farm in our own dairy, only yards from the milking parlour and is ready to sell to you directly from our milk vending machine!

We do not homogenise or separate our milk, so it is handled as little as possible in order to retain all it's natural goodness; this results in our milk having a good old-fashioned cream line at the top of the bottle giving it that delicious whole fresh milk taste. Not keen on cream? Just invert your bottle a few times before opening to mix it all in, or give it to someone who does!

Facts about Whole milk

Milk is nature’s truest wholefood, bursting with high levels of protein, fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, minerals and calcium.

The protein content contains casein and whey and all the essential amino acids you need, no wonder all the gym goers out there are starting to rehydrate with milk, giving them electrolytes and protein for muscle building all in one!

The fat contained in milk, is ‘good’ fat and contains a lot of omega 3 fatty acids, one of the essential fatty acids. These are proven to help a huge number of body functions, from cell membranes to your brain activity. The other crucial job that the fat does, is to carry the fat soluble vitamins and minerals A,D E and K which are responsible for a huge number of health benefits. Especially vitamin D, without which calcium cannot be absorbed, so all the effort our cows put into providing calcium in their milk, is wasted if you don't have the vitamin D to absorb it!

Recent research is now proving that whole milk actually REDUCES the likelihood of developing Type 2 Diabetes, Strokes, Obesity and Heart disease. Low-fat types of milk, contain much higher concentrations of lactose, the sugar in milk and as we now know, it is in fact sugar that contributes to health issues like obesity and diabetes much more than fat. Therefore, drinking low-fat milk is just exposing you to all that sugar!

The other benefit of a higher fat and protein content is the fact you will stay fuller for longer, both protein and fat provide a long-lasting energy source. Meaning a glass of whole milk will keep you going much longer than a glass of skimmed milk, not to mention the fact our cows work hard to produce the thick, high quality cream in their milk, it is a crime to waste it!


 Hygiene and legislation

Our milk is checked every month by the Environmental Health Agency, who carry out tests to make sure our pasteuriser is working properly and no harmful bacteria are present. Our pasteurisng room is brand new and complies with current legislation laws and we also swab check all our rooms regularly. We are all trained in hygienic food processing and take pride in delivering you a clean, safe, high quality product.