We pride ourselves on being as energy efficient as possible.  All our electrical devices use the most up to date specifications.

In our main dairy we are now using a heat exchanger to help heat our hot water system, so as our cows are being milked, the heat from their milk is being used to warm our water which is used to clean the parlour after milking.

Our lighting is all low energy and uses sensors so the lights are only on when needed. We also use cleaning products that are all environmentally friendly and low in chemicals.

We recycle all our plastic farm waste, all silage bale wrappers and containers.

We have been involved in planting Elm trees around the farm this year as part of a scheme to support rare tree types

Our milk bottles are glass and reusable, heat and dishwasher proof and have a reusable screw top. We care about the environment and feel it is important to look after our planet. We are keen to avoid plastic packaging: there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the worlds’ oceans and we do not want to add to this! 

We use all our own slurry to fertilise our fields, ensuring a use for our cows waste.

All our building work has been done by local tradesmen, we are keen to support local businesses.

One last thing, our milk has ZERO food miles, unless you count the journey from the milking parlour to our pasteurising room across the yard!